Is Balance right for me?

The short answer is - If you're selling to businesses online, then yes, we should talk.

the longer answer is that we'd be very happy to find out together with you whether Balance is the right solution for your business. The best thing is to schedule a demo call where we can explore this together.

You're a young company, can I trust you with my payments?

Balance is working in a deep partnership with Stripe and use their infrastructure for KYC and AML. Like many others, including Shopify, we also use Stripe for money movement, so you can rest assured your money is handled the same way as the other $100B Stripe manages annually.

While our company may be young, our founding team is highly experienced at building products for some of the industry's giants (and rising stars). Among our investors, you'll find Lightspeed, Stripe, and Scifi - PayPal founder Max Levchin's VC. We live and breathe payments, compliance, and security.

We're accountable for every dollar passed through our system and will always have your back.

We're young, and we're fun, but we are dead serious about payments.

What sets you apart from the competition?

We are dedicated to providing an incredible and simple B2B payment experience online, and that makes all the difference. We're the only payment platform that includes a combination of complete flexibility in payment methods and terms. Together with our elegant self-serve checkout experience and our product-driven approach to business buyer experience, we're rising above the noise of traditional consumer-oriented solutions.

How are you different than Stripe?

Stripe is an amazing company!

While Stripe's focus is on payment infrastructure, we focus on B2B transactions. With features like automated invoice factoring (net terms), send (and approve) quotes, pay with an invoice (check, wire) straight from the checkout, instant ACH, and others. we're

What kind of payment methods will my buyers have with Balance?

Balance supports payments using Credit Card, direct wire transfers, ACH and Checks, paper, or digital.

What types of currencies do you support?

USD and soon - CAD. We also GBP soon on our roadmap.

What's your pricing?

As a payment company, is dependent on multiple factors - feel free to reach out using our chat or book a demo where we can discuss pricing as well.

How will I receive my payouts?

When you sign up to Balance we'll ask you for your banking information. We'll use that bank to send you your payouts

Do you support Marketplaces and vendor's payout?

We're not only supportive of it, this is our main focus. B2B marketplace is where we started and most of customers are marketplaces. we support the full infra support needed for marketplaces, with emphasis for B2B specifics:

  • Full Vendors payout
  • Zero-touch vendor on-boarding
  • Full payout control
  • Escrow capabilities
  • Get-a-quote flow with vendor control

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